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Vickers To Blame For “Big One” At Daytona 500

Posted by Keith Murray on February 16, 2009

Sorry, folks,but the blame is not squarely on Junior’s shoulders for this one. What happened to the rule about blocking someone? That move by Vickers was just plain dumb. If you have the guy cleared and try to block, that’s one thing, but Earnhardt had a fender on him and had to get below the yellow line to prevent wrecking them both. If you look at the above video at the 0:34, 1:30 and 1:54 markers, all three times they show Vickers putting the block on Earnhardt and you can see that Earnhardt’s car gets loose and he takes out Vickers. There is nothing intentional about it from that perspective.

I am not an Earnhardt apologist, nor a fan of his, but he has gotten a bad rap about this in my opinion from numerous writers and commentators, and especially from the FOX commentators during the race. Junior did indeed have a bad day, but he has never been the type of guy that wrecks people or moves them out of the way. As a matter of fact, a lot of fans are disappointed that he has not been more like his dad in that way. When folks saw that #3 in the rearview mirror, it invoked a measure of fear. Not so in this era of politically-correct racing, and especially not for Junior. He drives clean.

Another one of his character traits that some fault is his openness and honesty. I have never known the guy to lie or even stretch the truth in any interview I have ever seen him in. Some say that he is open and honest to a fault. His honesty is something that more people need in this world today, and it is a refreshing change of pace from the norm in society. But it just goes to show who the guy is and why he is so likeable. So when he says that it was not intentional, I believe him until I have reason not to. And as I pointed out, his car looked to get loose as he tried to get back on the track.

For all the whining we heard from Vickers after the wreck yesterday, I guess he forgot that he did the same thing a couple of years ago to Earnhardt and Jimmie Johnson in Talladega on his way to his first (and only) Cup series win. The biggest difference between then and now is that this time Junior is paying oforVickers’ stupidity off the track instead of on it.

In any case, I am sure that Junior is glad to be leaving Daytona after the day he had.


5 Responses to “Vickers To Blame For “Big One” At Daytona 500”

  1. John said

    Dale Jr. was solely responsible for that wreck. Vickers was trying to protect his spot for the lucky dog. Jr. thought he was his dad and decided to create a caution; plain and simple!

  2. Gabby said

    Well now that I see it and can stop the action, it seems Vickers needs to go back to driving school. He got himself loose before JR tapped him and he was out of control before any contact. I’m not a big JR fan either and rushed to judgment I guess.
    Vickers did make a jack*** move way far away from the field.

  3. Whatever said

    What? There is no rule about blocking!

    You’d be about the only person, other than the blindly allegient Jr. fans (You’re probably one of them), who thinks Vickers was at fault.


  4. Smitty said

    Obviously, based on this comment “And as I pointed out, his car looked to get loose as he tried to get back on the track” you do not understand the term “loose.” When a car is loose, the rear of the car will slide up towards the wall. In this situation, the 88 took a hard right hand turn into the left rear quarter panel of the 83. Earnhardt Jr. was not loose, he was wrong. While I also believe that Vickers was too aggressive in his blocking, two wrongs do not make either right, unless of course your name is Earnhardt and it is NASCAR.

  5. Keith Murray said

    Hey Ryano, I just got accused of being a Junior fan. How ’bout that?? ROFL!

    Smitty, loose has nothing to do with the direction of the car. It simply means that the back tires lose grip on the track. So according to your comment, a car can only get loose at an oval and will never get loose at a road course or on the backstretch (as was the case Sunday). That makes no sense.

    Thanks for reading, guys!

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