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More Thoughts On Richmond Race Running During Daytime

Posted by Keith Murray on September 6, 2008

I mentioned before that NASCAR could have put the Cup race at night and the Nationwide race during the day, but I want to follow up on some commentary I heard on ESPN’s NASCAR Now and Sportcenter this morning.

I appreciate the fact that NASCAR was thinking about everyone’s safety when they called off the races on Friday and Saturday and rescheduled them. There were a lot of factors including the threat of dangerous weather including tornados from the storm, as well as debris such as trees and power lines, and the fact that emergency personnel would be needed for more pressing things than traffic and crowd control. It was the right move to reschedule the races. My problem is with their thinking on the timing of the races.

I heard someone say that they drivers that will also be driving in the Nationwide race would have to endure running the Cup race after the Nationwide race. My first reaction to that is that they should determine which is more important to them – driving in the Cup race or the Nationwide race. I could write articles for the next several months talking about how the formerly-named Buschwhackers should not be running in that series so much as it is. I certainly hope that was not the reasoning for NASCAR flip-flopping the schedule to give the nighttime segment to the lesser series, but I would not put it past them with their seemingly never-ending backwards thinking in Daytona. I also heard someone say that there may be testing or appearances going on Monday that the teams and drivers need to tend to. Oh. Well, excuse me for thinking that putting on the best possible show for the fans should be the priority.

The fans have shown time after time that we love the night racing better than daytime; especially at short tracks like Bristol and Richmond. I would imagine that we will also have to endure a competition yellow since the crews have set the cars up to run under the lights and not during the heat of the day. So once again we fans have to put up with more asinine decisions from Brian and Co. that are designed for convenience sakes for everyone except the ones that we are told matter most – we the fans. Again, thanks for considering safety in rescheduling the events, but once again, you guys have dropped the ball in the aftermath of that decision. We want night racing and we want it now!


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